Working today for the health of tomorrow
Our mission
  • To provide advanced, effective and better-tolerated solutions for patients, relatives, doctors and society as a whole.
  • To broaden new ways to treat illness.
  • To address healthcare professionals and patients needs.
  • Transforming our knowledge into new therapeutic solutions of known molecules.
  • Understanding the needs of patients and doctors and conducting research in priority areas of expertise where we have wide experience.
  • Enhancing our capacity to discover and develop innovative medicinal products by establishing alliances and partnerships with our researchers, physicians and research centers.
R&D centers
“We understand knowledge as a key factor for growth and meeting our commitment to human health and wellbeing”

Exeltis’ research activities are conducted in synergy with the potential afforded by CHEMO Group, the resources of our worldwide subsidiaries and the corporate research centre, Ladee Pharma Research Institute (LPRI), specialising in the research and development of new products from phase I to approval.

This active cooperation enables Exeltis to advance and generate a diverse project portfolio.

Synergy map
Exeltis R&D
Research skills and capacity of the CHEMO group.
Lines of research: Women's Health, Respiratory, and more.
Research resources of Exeltis subsidiaries.
Ladee Pharma Research Institute (LPRI)
Flexible organisation specialising in Women's Health with the ability to investigate and approach other therapeutic areas. LPRI has a balanced pipeline in different phases of development.