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  • Exeltis acquires Bayer's brand for vaginal infections to be marketed throughout Latin America

    The company will be responsible for distributing, marketing, promoting and producing Bayer's treatment for vaginal infections

    The agreement projects a transition period of 2 years, covering countries in Central and South America

    Vaginal infections are currently the main cause of visits to gynaecologists. In fact, it is estimated that around 1.5 million suffer from this condition every year in Brazil



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  • Innovative solutions for Women's Health at the Exeltis Day scientific conferences

    The second Exeltis Day scientific conferences are being held today and tomorrow in Valencia, bringing together over 300 gynaecologists to examine the latest developments in gynaecology

    This will also be the stage where the preliminary findings of the FLEXO study will be presented, assessing the impact of information about contraception

    New technologies and social media in gynaecology will be some of the current issues discussed during these days

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  • INSUD PHARMA is the new name of Chemo Group

    Therefore, our three pharma brands, Chemo, Exeltis and mAbxience, are now grouped together under this name.

    This new identity is the result of the development and diversification of the company's pharma activity.

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  • WHO and Mundo Sano Foundation to facilitate access to paediatric treatment of Chagas disease

    8 November 2017 | Geneva −− The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Mundo Sano Foundation are working to make an essential antiparasitic medicine for treatment of Chagas disease widely accessible to children. Treatment with benznidazole in the early stages of infection can cure the Chagas disease, but currently very few people are able to access diagnosis and treatment services.

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  • OCON Medical announces its new successful round of financing & arrival of Chemo Group as shareholder

    This investment will help the inventor of the IUB™ intrauterine platform to boost its expansion and increase manufacturing capacity

    Chemo Group is already marketing the spherical copper intrauterine device in several European countries

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  • Exeltis acquires Juste's Pharma Unit

    Exeltis Spain, a company that belongs to the Chemo Group, has acquired Juste's Pharma Unit in an operation that includes the sourcing, research, manufacture (through third parties), promotion and sale of pharmaceutical products for Gynaecology, the Central Nervous System and Primary Care, featuring drugs used to treat insomnia, depression and epilepsy. In the words of Exeltis's General Manager in Spain and Portugal, Alberto Fábregas: “The aim of this operation is to strengthen and increase the company's range of products, and to consolidate Exeltis's presence in the Iberian market, by incorporating the expertise and professionals of Juste's Pharma Unit”.

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  • Exeltis Turkey received the Humanity award

    Exeltis Turkey has received the “Humanity” award in the category of health sector companies for a fourth time. This award is given each year by, one of the largest employment companies in Turkey, to the companies that respond with the highest speed and efficiency to job applications managed through this portal. The objective of this initiative is to give recognition to the most successful projects carried out in the Human Resources sector. 

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  • Exeltis arrives in Spain, with innovative treatments and therapies to improve women's health

    Exeltis has arrived in Spain with a number of scientific conferences, called Exeltis Days, bringing together over 150 specialists in Gynaecology and Obstetrics on the 3rd and 4th of February in Madrid, in order to report the latest innovations in Europe in various areas of gynaecology. The goal of the company is to accompany women throughout every stage of their lives (from fertility, pregnancy and contraception to the menopause) and, with the advice of specialists, present a comprehensive medical handbook that meets the needs and requirements of patients in terms of reproductive health and associated diseases.

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  • Exeltis Spain takes off

    At the end of last year, Exeltis in Spain started a new phase full of enthusiasm and expectation. The new sales force met in Madrid for two weeks to learn and find out all about the Exeltis philosophy and its programme of excellence. Led by its director in Spain, Alberto Fábregas, and accompanied by Leandro Sigman, chairman of Chemo Group and Nick Haggar, CEO of Chemo Group, the forty new delegates of Exeltis prepared to make our brand a benchmark in Women's Health, with innovation as its banner and a clear commitment to serving both professionals and patients. From the outset, Exeltis has had a clear protagonist: science.

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  • Exeltis breaks into the Nordic market

    Exeltis is continuing its globalisation strategy and has begun operations in the Nordic countries. With its headquarters in Stockholm (Sweden), our new branch is preparing the launch of its first product in the country. Our new affiliate initially will be specialized in Woman Healthcare. Exeltis thus strengthens its position in this area where it’s more and more consolidated.

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