Our group donates essential medicines for victims in Guatemala

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We have become increasingly aware in the past few days of the very severe situation in Guatemala following the eruption of the country’s Volcano of Fire. Through our subsidiary Exeltis Guatemala, we wanted to lend our support and help the victims by donating essential medicines to treat the most common conditions in these kinds of disasters.

The donation took place at the pharmacy of the Regional Hospital of Escuintla, which is where patients injured by the natural disaster are currently being treated. 

The event was attended by the Medical Manager of Exeltis Guatemala, Victor Nolasco, Carlos Machorro, Logistic Manager and José Francisco Bello Commercial manager, with the coordination of the general manager Francisco Pérez.

As well as delivering medicines, our colleagues at Exeltis Guatemala are also making voluntary contributions to help pay for hospital supplies.

We hope the situation improves quickly, and that these donations will help alleviate the effects of the tragedy.