Monday, May 13, 2019

Exeltis recently presented its manufacturing plant in Guatemala, located in Mixco’s zone 2, which formulates medicines for use in the areas of Women’s Health, Central Nervous System and Respiratory and Cardio Metabolic Diseases. The medicines manufactured are available in the domestic market and exported to the rest of Central America, the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean and Belize.

Víctor Rodolfo Nolasco, Medical Director at Exeltis for Central America and the Dominican Republic (CARD), highlighted that the company now generates substantial employment in the country. It has 70 professionals working at the plant, 157 in Guatemala including the administrative team and the sales force, and a total team of 256 professionals in the region, all of whom are deeply committed to offering quality medications manufactured to international standards.

In the process of its international expansion, Exeltis viewed Central America as a highly compelling market in which to set up operations; the plant in Guatemala therefore has an annual production capacity of up to 440 million tablets, 90 thousand litres of liquids and 32 million capsules.

Globally, the company boasts more than ten plants distributed in Guatemala, Paraguay, Turkey, Indonesia, Iran, India and Spain, affording it a strong foothold in major regions and offering patients access to a range of innovative treatment options and excellent quality standards.

Nolasco emphasised that the company intends to continue to provide patients with new medications in a range of different treatment areas which are able to change the natural course of medical conditions. It also plans to expand its portfolio in the various countries in the region and continue to position itself as a leading health sector organisation with a deeply committed team.

It is important to note that Exeltis complies fully with global corporate standards, which in turn allows the Guatemalan company to operate in line with international standards. In 2018, it secured the maximum rating of 100 points from Guatemala’s Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare. It has also secured good manufacturing practice (GMP) certificates as per the Central American Technical Regulation (RTCA), in compliance with the World Health Organization’s 32nd report, as required for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

All products are underpinned by stability testing over 24 months, in compliance with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), European Pharmacopeia (EP) and British Pharmacopeia (BP).