Exeltis acquires Bayer's brand for vaginal infections to be marketed throughout Latin America

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The company will be responsible for distributing, marketing, promoting and producing Bayer's treatment for vaginal infections

The agreement projects a transition period of 2 years, covering countries in Central and South America

Vaginal infections are currently the main cause of visits to gynaecologists. In fact, it is estimated that around 1.5 million suffer from this condition every year in Brazil

Exeltis, the European laboratory that specialises in Women's Health and belongs to the pharmaceutical multinational Insud Pharma, has just announced the acquisition of the medicine for vaginal infections from Bayer's laboratories, to market it throughout Latin America from February onwards.

With this agreement, Exeltis takes over the distribution, marketing and promotion of this medicine used to treat mixed vaginal infections  for medical professionals in Latin America, offering the same levels of quality and efficacy as the German laboratories.

The agreement projects a transition period of 2 years. Both companies will work closely in the day-to-day business to ensure a successful transition.

This acquisition is part of Exeltis's specific strategy to increase its presence in the Latin American market, in Central and South America, by offering innovative solutions for Women's Health. 

According to Exeltis's General Manager, Yann Brun, “Exeltis aims to be a leader in women's healthcare, in all its stages, so we are extremely pleased with this agreement which, with the support of Bayer, will allow us to resolve one of the main causes of patient visits to gynaecologists, i.e. vaginal infections. In Brazil alone it is estimated that 1.5 million women suffer from this condition every year”