Lotus (LF111-401)

The aim of this phase 4, outpatient clinical trial is to study the differences in bone mineral density in women who are taking one of our FDA approved hormonal contraceptives, compared to women who are not using hormonal contraceptives.

Participants will be allowed to choose which contraceptive method they would like to use for the duration of the clinical trial.

If the participant decides to use a hormonal contraceptive, she will be able to choose between our oral contraceptive, or our chewable contraceptive. Both options are progestin-only, and their active ingredient is Drospirenone.

During this trial, participants will receive non-invasive DXA scans. This is a painless procedure, where X-rays are used to measure the bone mineral density.

We are looking for 14- to 45-year-old women to participate in this 12-month trial.

This study is being carried out in the US. Check our map below to see where the clinical trial sites are located.

Update: Currently, we are ONLY recruiting patients between 14 and 17 years of age.

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